Saturday, August 27, 2011


I ran Winamp with my earphones plugged in and organised documents across the HDD.

Once again, like the last 20 times, it took multiple attempts to start off something concrete on this blog.

Strumming nonsensical notes on the guitar during late night jam sessions can bring out the best of things.

Munching on one vada paav for lunch while in school, wait – make that four more.

Just recollected a crime I committed once – stop looking like that - I know you have your black tag too. Why won’t you admit it?

I’m not sure why or how this post got going but I’m liking the flow.

Power chords will continue to be the most super charged musical notes (in my dictionary).

“Keeping in regular touch” is the toughest goddamn thing on this planet cuz people aren’t bothered.

HongKong is a trip on my mind, and it’ll stick till I make it happen.

One can’t beat the weather in Pune. Sorry Mumbai, you lose here.

Transparency – that’s the key. What’s to hide?

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