Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love Thy Neighbour(s)

How do I revive this blog? It’s been on my mind forever.OK, for a few months at least.

Earlier today, a big (and notorious?) name faded from this state’s activity list. And with that, a bit of perceived chaos amongst local populace and several migrants is in play. All this has been incessantly discussed and debated on so-called news channels over the past few days. Now it’s all over. So that’s that.

Independence. It’s hygiene nowadays. If that’s what I feel , the next generation is a lot bolder about this topic with the wants and/or dislikes. The mid-older chaps have “earned” it over the years – you know, moving out, doing well for themselves blah blah - ultimately acquiring that perk. And I think the oldest lot faced a plenty of friction on the liberal front. I’m not sure what or how independence was looked at then. Or if it was there even.

Is the drive for independence bringing a lot more into societal dynamics?

Think about this: Talent acquirers of the IT/ITes industry find greater appeal in having a 20 something on board than someone who’s in his/her mid 30s. Reason being the pace and adaptability of the former to pick up or leave technology that directly influences business outcomes. With that, they’ve managed to assign a shelf life to the “techie” crowd in that same article – that of 15 years. Better make the most of that. Enjoy.

Coming to today’s meat : NH7 Weekender was a superbly organised concert, an outdoor  musical event for me after ages. It was also a new format for me to experience, similar to a mini Woodstock version spread over 6 stages across the park, each sporting a different genre of music. Stroll to your preference and head further on after your ears are content. Or trace back (on foot) to a favourite. Like I was telling AH and SP, the audience for this concert was divided into 3 distinct groups, names for which have only been conjured now:

Younglings : The super peppy collegian lot armed with high-pitched vocals (boys included) swarming about in groups of minimum 6 -  the girls dressed in little or nothing and prone to misbehaving chumps/sleazeheads while the guys brandishing newly purchased band t-shirts or riff-raff attire coupled with half worn footwear  - formed a significant part of the event. Bold, vibrant and up for a challenge, we’ve got to learn a bit to learn from these girls and guys.

Mid-levels : Mostly standardized (acceptable!) attire with a subdued vocal contribution to the performances. Males bore stubble stricken facials with checked shirts and trousers or jeans. Females with the variety and combination of a casual outlook. Guess a large part of this audience was sporting both the white and blue band on the wrist. Alcoholics synonymous. Woohoo.

Few & far between :  Oldies goldies. Retro raving lot of them. The “advisory board” lot you know. Understandably, they appeared in cameos throughout the crowd, probably in cautious approach of the inadvertent wandering into unknown territory – say for example a NotSoFriendly mosh pit – and emerging from it, never the same again.

The music as such was alright. No big bang for me. No fresh cuts. Just come and go. Noted a few songs that appealed.  Then fade out. All this in spurts throughout the event.

What’s certain from all this however, is the stark dynamics of society on individuals.

In absolutes or in like-minded groups, I don’t think age can ever hit you. You’re gallivanting as long as you’re with the same kind, momentarily sharing life’s achievements, troubles and whatnot along the way but ignorant of the change in mental pace. Throw in people from another age band and feel your eyebrows raise ever so often at the seemingly odd behaviour of this neighbour .

And so, at times like this, maybe we can turn to the other to help us understand.

How I love my neighbours from Few & Far Between.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Back In Business

This task, as it seems to be, wasn't supposed to last so long. There's a phase which kills every attempt of mine to share  experiences and situations. And that phase has been ever so persistent. Just like a straight set win.

So now, I'm going to roll up those sleeves, clench em fists and give back what is deserved.

The return of the virtual pen-on-paper : Green Loco is back.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I ran Winamp with my earphones plugged in and organised documents across the HDD.

Once again, like the last 20 times, it took multiple attempts to start off something concrete on this blog.

Strumming nonsensical notes on the guitar during late night jam sessions can bring out the best of things.

Munching on one vada paav for lunch while in school, wait – make that four more.

Just recollected a crime I committed once – stop looking like that - I know you have your black tag too. Why won’t you admit it?

I’m not sure why or how this post got going but I’m liking the flow.

Power chords will continue to be the most super charged musical notes (in my dictionary).

“Keeping in regular touch” is the toughest goddamn thing on this planet cuz people aren’t bothered.

HongKong is a trip on my mind, and it’ll stick till I make it happen.

One can’t beat the weather in Pune. Sorry Mumbai, you lose here.

Transparency – that’s the key. What’s to hide?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Check Yourself

I wonder how I’m changing with this experience in the job. Jobs change people don’t they? Unrealistic targets, plenty of politics and obligatory sweet talk can cause dents in the strongest of moulds.

That’s the real test. Which is how I think values are ingrained for every organisation. Seeing the kind of service they offer, the environment they work in, each one is laden with it’s golden trail… holy trail is it?

I’d want to highlight one value that my company propagates – integrity.

It’s a heavyweight category value if you ask me, one that demands the purest from it’s “devotee”. And I wonder how many of us are keeping that monstrous value in mind whilst engaging in our daily routine. Every step of the way, running a mental check on your actions and it’s consequence on the situation – that’s  a big tease.

Have you violated? Are you within limits? Is doing A more tolerable than B? Can I tweak this a wee bit and still stay on safe grounds? XYZ has done this but it’s not by the book – should one request a probe into the matter?

Test your integrity....happy realisation?

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Cup Is Ours!


We did it. And I haven't yet absorbed the excitement completely. I mean, I did feel it while returning from a friends place that night and seeing horders of people spilling out from scores of cars, yelling and screaming whilst waving the Indian tri colour sky high.

A World Cup win 28 years later is incredible. The match was a thrilling one, fit for the perfect final.

Most importantly, this entire outcome proves that as a team, we are no longer dependent on our top 2-3 batsmen for the runs. We can do it banking on team mates who come down the order.

Sachin's dream has also come true. That's another vital highlight for every Indian in the country. The man has everything he wanted out of the game with a passion that's probably stronger than ever before.

Kudos Team India.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sympathy & Empathy

It had to happen.

Nothing feels as good as an assembly of old friends after a long gap. However, there is also a necessary evil that will sprout if any of the members have had a negation in the recent past, causing a reasonably stark difference in physical appearance which tends to become the topic of discussion with most of the conversations you work into.

After having gone through four dejecting  months of jaundice, I was disappointed to engage in conversation that involved exemplifying the cause of the appearance. Thankfully, there were participants who had been victims of jaundice. With them, it was so much easier discussing the “fresh” symptoms, emerging modifications in the bug & latest prescriptions that doctors were shelling out these days.

To banter is a likely outcome owing to the camaraderie but at times it got awkward.

Never mind.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

LIFE as he knows it


I’d read 2-3 reviews of the recently published LIFE which is an autobiography of Keith Richards, the co-founder and guitarist of The Rollings Stones,an English rock band. Most publications rated his book as a very honest (& blatant) approach; a scenario not very easy to fathom for a stereotype image of a rockstar. Now I haven't heard much of the Rolling Stones’ music, so there was a little bit of worry if I would be able to relate to the matter. Luckily, no such obstacle thus far.(this acts as a cue for me to brush up on their discography)

Set in the year 1975, the book opens with a vivid description of the band traveling in a car through the tiny town of Fordyce in Arkansas. Keith promptly describes how silly it felt driving in a car stuffed with drugs everywhere;doors,seats,boot....all over. At the time, the American police forces were looking for as many ways to pin them down using the most paltry measure of evidence. Simply because the Stones were regarded as a "dangerous band", enticing rebellious activity amongst the young crowd. Past tours had triggered many a controversy, one of which was the notorious giant inflatable **** that was used on stage during the song "Starfucker". And in a very explicit form, there's a potent dig at Mick Jagger's "insecurities" relating to the same.

Of course, in all this jazz, thanks to their powerful lawyer Bill Carter (who was also a Secret Service man for Kennedy), the police network known to him was tapped in order to avoid any ugly instances.

The second chapter speaks of his childhood spent in Dartford – schooling,life at home,extended family,his grandpa Gus who introduced him to music and even a snippet on how he was part of the winning trio of a choir group in school before the "shit hit the fan"...He was given a "pink slip" because his voice had cracked. A keen interest followed in the basics of survival, which led to his participation & subsequent sucess as Patrol Leader in the domain of being a Boy Scout.

Keith has just picked up his first guitar- a Rosetti if I recall correctly – and his yearning for music is only increasing.

Will get back to this blog soon with another update!