Saturday, May 14, 2011

Check Yourself

I wonder how I’m changing with this experience in the job. Jobs change people don’t they? Unrealistic targets, plenty of politics and obligatory sweet talk can cause dents in the strongest of moulds.

That’s the real test. Which is how I think values are ingrained for every organisation. Seeing the kind of service they offer, the environment they work in, each one is laden with it’s golden trail… holy trail is it?

I’d want to highlight one value that my company propagates – integrity.

It’s a heavyweight category value if you ask me, one that demands the purest from it’s “devotee”. And I wonder how many of us are keeping that monstrous value in mind whilst engaging in our daily routine. Every step of the way, running a mental check on your actions and it’s consequence on the situation – that’s  a big tease.

Have you violated? Are you within limits? Is doing A more tolerable than B? Can I tweak this a wee bit and still stay on safe grounds? XYZ has done this but it’s not by the book – should one request a probe into the matter?

Test your integrity....happy realisation?

1 comment:

TinRoofPress said...

what about all the spam, man?

I swear. if you get your company to NEVER allow spam you'll have loads of people joining

And don't give me that shit about

"you can call and ask to be removed",

what nonsense! Its like saying

"oh someone is going to do a poo on your doorstep everyday. all you have to do is hire a detective, do all this work track this guy down, and ask him not to do this poo. and wow he'll stop. and you wont have any more poo. so easy."

this is BS.

OK bye!