Thursday, November 25, 2010

LIFE as he knows it


I’d read 2-3 reviews of the recently published LIFE which is an autobiography of Keith Richards, the co-founder and guitarist of The Rollings Stones,an English rock band. Most publications rated his book as a very honest (& blatant) approach; a scenario not very easy to fathom for a stereotype image of a rockstar. Now I haven't heard much of the Rolling Stones’ music, so there was a little bit of worry if I would be able to relate to the matter. Luckily, no such obstacle thus far.(this acts as a cue for me to brush up on their discography)

Set in the year 1975, the book opens with a vivid description of the band traveling in a car through the tiny town of Fordyce in Arkansas. Keith promptly describes how silly it felt driving in a car stuffed with drugs everywhere;doors,seats,boot....all over. At the time, the American police forces were looking for as many ways to pin them down using the most paltry measure of evidence. Simply because the Stones were regarded as a "dangerous band", enticing rebellious activity amongst the young crowd. Past tours had triggered many a controversy, one of which was the notorious giant inflatable **** that was used on stage during the song "Starfucker". And in a very explicit form, there's a potent dig at Mick Jagger's "insecurities" relating to the same.

Of course, in all this jazz, thanks to their powerful lawyer Bill Carter (who was also a Secret Service man for Kennedy), the police network known to him was tapped in order to avoid any ugly instances.

The second chapter speaks of his childhood spent in Dartford – schooling,life at home,extended family,his grandpa Gus who introduced him to music and even a snippet on how he was part of the winning trio of a choir group in school before the "shit hit the fan"...He was given a "pink slip" because his voice had cracked. A keen interest followed in the basics of survival, which led to his participation & subsequent sucess as Patrol Leader in the domain of being a Boy Scout.

Keith has just picked up his first guitar- a Rosetti if I recall correctly – and his yearning for music is only increasing.

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Ameya said...

Nice! seems like a cool book. will try to get my hands on it soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, any more updates?