Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sympathy & Empathy

It had to happen.

Nothing feels as good as an assembly of old friends after a long gap. However, there is also a necessary evil that will sprout if any of the members have had a negation in the recent past, causing a reasonably stark difference in physical appearance which tends to become the topic of discussion with most of the conversations you work into.

After having gone through four dejecting  months of jaundice, I was disappointed to engage in conversation that involved exemplifying the cause of the appearance. Thankfully, there were participants who had been victims of jaundice. With them, it was so much easier discussing the “fresh” symptoms, emerging modifications in the bug & latest prescriptions that doctors were shelling out these days.

To banter is a likely outcome owing to the camaraderie but at times it got awkward.

Never mind.

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Khamir Purohit said...

Abee Amol... kya 'ho' gaya hai re tu... :P