Monday, April 04, 2011

The Cup Is Ours!


We did it. And I haven't yet absorbed the excitement completely. I mean, I did feel it while returning from a friends place that night and seeing horders of people spilling out from scores of cars, yelling and screaming whilst waving the Indian tri colour sky high.

A World Cup win 28 years later is incredible. The match was a thrilling one, fit for the perfect final.

Most importantly, this entire outcome proves that as a team, we are no longer dependent on our top 2-3 batsmen for the runs. We can do it banking on team mates who come down the order.

Sachin's dream has also come true. That's another vital highlight for every Indian in the country. The man has everything he wanted out of the game with a passion that's probably stronger than ever before.

Kudos Team India.

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